Welcome to Reyern

On the continent of Tarsus lies the Kingdom of Rayern, a land of high magic. At the castle of Caer Aewyn ambassadors from the Deep Court of the Mer hold conference with Dragons. Shapeshifters hunt in the woods, while magicians travel far into the mountains to seek the wisdom of the Unicorns and the Oracle.

The king is bound to the land through blood and power alike. It is his duty to maintain the balance between the races, and for hundreds of years the Carwyn dynasty has served their people faithfully.

The coronation of a new King was greeted with joy. It was hoped that a renewal of the royal bond would bring fresh life to the land and end the famine that grips central Reyern. His reign would have seen a new flourishing of magic. The magicians are growing more numerous and the system of apprenticeships has become unsustainable, stagnant and oppressive. A group of ambitious mages had proposed a new, more open system, one endorsed by the young King.

But the last of the Carwyn kings is dead, murdered at his own coronation by unknown rebels. With no clear heir, the priestesses who guard the crown are in hiding. Worse still, travellers from the southeast bring rumours of the dead crawling back from their graves.

In the face of impending doom, the Oracle has called a conclave of the great and good of Reyern. Something must be done to prevent the country descending into chaos.

Will you come?