Social Contract

All people are welcome at our game. It is an absolute rule that our players and crew treat each other with respect and that all conflict must be IC only. Physical contact between players, whether hugging or grappling must only be initiated with consent, and you must not assume that just because you see someone being grappled, that they are happy to be grappled by you.

While sexuality and gender politics are IC themes, we welcome all genders and sexualities OC. Your OC gender has precisely zero impact on the character you can play. For players who wish to be gender-fluid IC, we strongly suggest playing one of the Mer. All Mer have illusion magic from birth. As a result their society places no value in appearances, and they change their apparent physical form at will.

A society where magical coercion exists will necessarily generate some dark backgrounds and potentially evil characters. Rape and sexual abuse will not be themes in this game. Please do not make them part of your background or your role-playing.

Ableism and racism are not part of Reyerni society. In a world where werewolves roam the forests there are simply bigger issues. Sexism and homophobia are themes in a different way. The tension is between magical and non-magical lifestyles. A magician’s sexuality is open and on-display while non-magicians keep all sexualities strictly behind closed doors. We ask you to be mindful of the feelings of those around you. Insults should be strictly IC. Larphacks has some excellent guidelines that we encourage all players to read:…/process-hack-how-to-be-insult…

Although we do not treat the included themes frivolously, we accept that some role players will find the inclusion of these topics distasteful or upsetting. If this is the case we would strongly advise that you are unlikely to enjoy Lifeblood.

Please get in touch if there are any aspects of this you would like to discuss.

(The format of this material is borrowed from Shadow Factories and is released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike license.
Shadow Factories:…/is_this_the_game_for_you
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