Lifeblood is a game of power, politics and magic with themes of coercion, manipulation and powerlessness. Mental and emotional control are both possible within the magical system, though abuse of these powers will come with consequences.

Gender politics and sexuality are heavy themes for the game. Reyerni society is extremely restrictive, particularly for the nobility. However, consensual sex has a tangible and important magical effect, which means that magicians are held to entirely different standards of morality and sexuality. The resulting tension between mages and non-mages is a social minefield.

The game will include opportunities for high heroism, but the greater the deed, the greater the cost. All actions have consequences.

The Lifeblood system is primarily based around social and political PvP. There will be opportunities for both magical and physical combat but these are entirely optional.

There are no physical barriers to accessing the game. We intend to make every aspect, including combat, as accessible as possible.

We are aware of the toll high-emotions can take and so there will be OC safe spaces. One of the refs is a trained mental health first-aider. We will do all that we can to support our players but if you know that you struggle with high-intensity emotional settings, this may not be the game for you.