Character Creation

All the characters in Lifeblood are people of consequence. Whether it be your magical power or your inherited title, there is a reason you have been invited to this Conclave.

Daisy the cow-hand is unlikely to have much to offer to the annals of Rayerni history. Every PC matters, your Fates are linked to the Fate of the Kingdom, just how intimately is up to you.

To keep the game balanced we are using a two-step character creation system. In the first step you will submit three brief character outlines. These should be broad-strokes ideas: a fire-mage with a secret past, an ambitious noble and a shy wolf-shifter, for example. We neither expect nor want detailed character backgrounds at this point.

We will look at the spread of character ideas and select the ideas that we think will make the best mix for the game. We’ll do our best to give people their first ideas where possible but if twenty people want to play earth mages, some of those will be asked to play their second or third ideas instead.

Once we have a good spread of ideas we will ask you to write a character background and put together a character sheet. (Note – you cannot access the second stage of character creation until you have paid the full ticket cost. If you are struggling, please contact us.)

You can download the character creation rules here: Lifeblood Character Creation v2.0

You can download the magic rules here: Lifeblood LARP PC System V3

If you have questions at any stage of the process please contact