It is possible for a mage to share their power with another mage. Only expressed streams can be shared.

To create a bond, a mage must reach a heightened level of consciousness and offer a piece of their soul to the potential bond partner. Both mages much accept this offering. Bonds created this way last for 24 hours. The bonded person cannot use their partners full power, but they will have access to more power than they can draw on alone.

The most common methods of creating a bond are:

  • Sex
  • Meditation
  • Manipulation by Source/Death mages

The third option is painful for the mages being bonded. The Death mage tears a portion off one mage’s soul, which the Source mage then binds to the soul of the second mage.

While these are the common methods, a bond can be created in many ways. The essential criteria are:

  • Consent
  • Trust
  • A higher state of consciousness

Bonds cannot be forced and cannot be created accidentally. Both mages in a pairing must accept the soul that is offered to them.

Note on mechanics: There will be a way to visually represent bonds in play. If you want to create a bond using one of the standard methods, you do not need a ref. If you have come up with a creative alternative method simply tell the ref what you intend to do and they will let you know if it works.

Players who want to have an established alternative method in their arsenal are welcome to send us suggestions ahead of the game.