Other Notable Schools

In addition to the six major training establishments there are several others that specialise in particular areas.

Naval Academy

House Borenas run a training academy for those that wish to serve in the navy. Most are Air or Water magicians although they do also train some healers to work as surgeons onboard ship. Those who train with House Borenas are required to serve within the Navy for a period of years.

Clans of Quercus

The clans usually train their own Magicians with each tribe apprenticing their young magicians to a senior shaman. Occasionally a gifted mage from one of the more prominent families will be trained in one of the other schools, but this is not the norm.

Shifters tend to keep their magical very much within their own tribes and families. As a result there is no recognised training school catering to their particular talents.

Collegium Arcane

As well as a school of higher studies for those wishing to join the Civil Service, the Collegium has a small department focused on the arcane. It serves as a place where academically gifted magicians can study magic and write books on arcane theory. They take on a few apprentices each year usually those with strong air, source or earth expressions. They do not teach younger students but occasionally take graduates from other schools.