Humans account for approximately 70% of the population of Reyern. What they lack in magical power they make up for in numbers. A magician or non-human that breaks the law will swiftly find that no amount of magic can deflect a determined mob.

Reyerni society is feudal. All land belongs to the King. The King gifts it to Lords, in return for their fealty. Lords, in turn, gift land to lesser nobility, and so on down to the peasantry. The King’s power is absolute, it is not constrained by either law or tradition. Any subject foolish enough to defy the crown will find their land and goods confiscated and their life forfeit. At least in theory. In practice, Lords are a more obvious presence in most people’s lives than the King. Lords collect taxes, administer justice and grant lands within their principality. If a Lord were to rebel, it would be debateable whether his subjects would side with their Lord or their King.

Reyern is home to more races than humanity. Mer swim in the seas, dragons own the skies, wolves run in the woods and unicorns pick their way along mountain paths. There are even rumours about a phoenix in the Sand Sea, though it is rarely seen, even by the desert folk.

Each race has its own unique culture and characteristics. Like the human factions, they are also part of a wider nation and love can lead to unexpected partnerships. Almost all of the magical races have interbred with humanity at some point in history. This means that player characters do not have to be pure creature, they can be part of a hybrid bloodline.