Asheon coat of arms

The Asheon family have risen to prominence relatively recently. The Principality of Dendra was traditionally ruled by the second in line to the throne. 200 years ago Louis Asheon challenged Prince Raymond de Etian for rulership of Dendra. After a series of blood battles, Prince Raymond was killed. Rather than carry on the fighting his daughter Marianne married Louis Asheon, cementing his claim to rulership and bringing peace to the region.

Louis Asheon chose not to use the ancient title of Prince but instead adopted ‘Lord’ to denote his family’s primacy in Dendra. Many noble houses followed his lead, and the rulers of principalities are all now referred to as Lords.

The Asheons consolidated their holdings after this war by improving roads and rebuilding the market at Pont Argent allowing them a greater share of the trade across the Kingdom and better access to markets for their wine and brandy.

The family are known as patrons of the arts and social improvers. Dendra is a lush and fertile province and the Asheons are probably the wealthiest family in the Kingdom after the Carwyns.

Their heraldry is a white shield with a gold fleur de lys.