Eletrios coat of arms.png

The Eletrios are the most magical of the great families of Reyern. They make their home in the White Tower, which stands on the cliffs of Shimmer in the South West of the kingdom.

While the White Tower is open to all, the Eletrios seek out, and offer training to, those who express magic very young or are too poor to access other forms of education. As a result of this many of the magicians that work for the state were trained by the Eletrios. The White Tower has been challenged many times by magicians, but their stronghold and their numbers have so far seen them prevail.

The tower contains a great library with copies of almost every book written in Reyern.
The Eletrios say that this treasure is kept on behalf of the nation, but in practice access is restricted.

The Eletrios are traders as well as magicians. Shimmer is one of the major ports and markets for the import of goods from Menmayar and the Spice Islands.

The Eletrios were favourites of the most recent King and his father, and are a powerful and prominent family.

Their heraldry is an azure field with a white tower.