Ferros coat of arms

House Ferros control Cord, the Principality in the central area of Reyern.

The Ferros lands are some of the best suited to growing grain and other food crops and much land in the region is given over to agriculture. Cord also has some of the largest quarries in the Kingdom.

The sale of commodities is managed through a series of guild halls and lodges in the market towns of the region. Guilds set fair prices and ensure that food is evenly distributed.

House Ferros were responsible for the founding of the Collegium, Reyern’s foremost seat of learning. The Collegium gathers together the Kingdom’s finest philosophers, inventors and mathematicians. Many Collegium trained individuals find their way into the Civil Service, which has its main archives in Cord City. Those that don’t are quickly snapped up by the nobility to serve as seneschals, administrators and tutors.

House Ferros are often dismissed by other houses as dull and lacking in Nobility. It is certainly true that their current Lord has little time for fashion or frippery. It is unwise to dismiss them, however, House Ferros always seem to be first to know what is happening in the Kingdom and they are often called upon to be Ambassadors in negotiations with the Mer, Tai U Gin and Menmayar.

Their heraldry is a black and silver quartered field, with a book and quill in two of the quarters.