Hathson coat of arms.png

House Hathson govern Larisant, the most northerly principality of Reyern. Their main home is Larisant City, on the northern shore of the Great Lake.

Larisant is a beautiful and mysterious city that seems to be grown more than built. Vines, moss and trees cover almost every surface. The climate of the city and its proximity to water mean it is often misty, which adds to the sense of otherworldliness.

While many people of the south might find the cold rocky landscape forbidding, the people of Larisant seem to be amongst the happiest in Reyern. The warmth of their hospitality to travellers is well known throughout the kingdom.

Although the cold climate means that agriculture is limited, the mines of Larisant provide much of Reyern’s iron and copper.

House Hathson commands the loyalty and respect of its people to a greater extent than most other houses. They have a reputation for producing capable leaders, loyal soldiers and powerful magicians.

Their Heraldry is a green shield with a silver star and a pair of crossed swords.