Jirrinski coat of arms.png

House Jirrinski control the Principality of Oracapor, hard up against the Oraclean mountains in Eastern Reyern.

Oracapor is a beautiful land but in winter it is buried under heavy snow. Oracapor city holds the army headquarters and training ground. Within the training ground is the infamous Tower of Fire, which specialises in military magic. Apprentices who wish to train at the Tower must apply for a special license from the crown. Entry is highly competitive and comes with a guarantee of employment in the military.

House Jirrinski have a reputation for being fierce, tough and straight talking. According to family legend the Jirrinski fierceness comes from their dragon ancestry. It is impossible to verify this claim, but it is true that the Jirrinski estate is home to the largest, and possibly oldest, flight of dragons in Reyern.

Their heraldry is a red field with a black dragon.