Tiphaz coat of arms

House Tiphaz holds all the land North of the Sand Sea. The Principality of Rasp is bordered by Dendra and Shimmer to the West, Cord to the North and Verdan to the East. House Tiphaz claim the Sand Sea as their territory, but in practice the shifting dunes are held by the desert tribes, who pay fealty to neither Lord nor King.

House Tiphaz are merchant adventurers who have built their wealth on trading silks, textiles and precious gems. The great East-West trade route from Shimmer to Quercus runs through the north of the principality, while the Southern port of Madina does a thriving trade with the Spice Islands. In Rasp great riches can be found if you have the skill and the bravery to seek them out.

The Tiphaz are a relatively new house who swore loyalty to the King barely a century ago. Before that they were simply another desert tribe eking out a living among the dunes, though saying as much within the Lord’s hearing will is a fast way to find yourself in a duel.

In the last 100 years the family have tried to enlarge Rasp city forge better links to the rest of a Reyern. Unfortunately, the unruly Sand Sea seems to frustrate their progress at every turn.

Their heraldry is red field with a gold scorpion and three purple stars.