Borenas coat of arms

The Borenas family are sea farers and adventurers. They do not hold a principality, but the head of the family is a Lord and much of the Crown land between Caer Aewyn and Port Royal has been gifted to the Borenas in thanks for their service to the kingdom.

The vast Borenas wealth comes from their fleet. Many of the Lords Borenas have held the title of Lord Admiral of His Majesty’s Navy and it is traditional for the second son of the family to hold naval rank. The best shipwrights in Reyern served their apprenticeships in the Borenas family shipyards, while Port Royal is second only to Shimmer City for the size and variety of its markets.

It was a Borenas captain that first charted a route to the Spice Islands, and the customs houses of Port Royal regularly record cargoes of clove, nutmeg and sandalwood alongside tea, cotton and porcelain from northern Menmeyar. Of course, some say that the real wealth of the Borenas comes from the cargoes that do not pass through customs. If you ask one of the family they will simply clap you on the back and offer you another tot of rum.

Their heraldry is a blue background with a silver ship.