Clans of Quercus

Luth coat of arms

Quercus, in the South East of Reyern, is a large area of dense forest. There is no Lord of Quercus. Instead, the inhabitants are divided into clans. These usually extended family groups headed up by a clan or war leader. Each clan has its own laws and customs which may, or may not, tally with the laws of Reyern.

Quercus has never been united under one leader. The wildness of the landscape and the greater number of shape shifters in the population have kept Quercus as the remnant of a culture that has long been abandoned in the rest of Reyern.

Beyond the forest lies the Pass of Hounds, the main passage through the Oraclean mountains to Tai U Gin and the main trading route to the East. The Clans control this trade and caravans must pay for safe passage through the forests.

Quercus is also a source of wood for ship building, construction and charcoal. The Clans have many fine smiths in their families and high quality weapons form a large part of their trade.

The Clans are known for their hospitality and their parties. If you are invited to a longhouse house for a night drinking you can expect to spend several days recovering from the experience.

The most prominent clan leader is Luth. It is generally thought that if anyone could unite the clans it would be him. Luth is a physically imposing man with shaggy white hair and an intense gaze. He often wears a white bear skin cloak that adds to his aura of danger, being itself a thing of magic.

Luth has a personal banner which is a large tree on a black and white background.