Tribes of the Sand Sea

Sand Sea

The Sand Sea is a large area to the south of the kingdom stretching all the way from Rasp City to the ocean. The area has very little precipitation and the shifting sand dunes make it difficult to navigate. It is home to a number of nomadic tribes who claim to be amongst the oldest peoples of Reyern.

The tribes accept that there is a Carwyn King on the throne but they do not swear allegiance to him. They have very little contact with the rest of Reyern and leave the sands only to trade, or to look for teachers for their magicians.

The Desert people are proud of their heritage and traditions and resist marrying outside their own tribes. They consider House Tiphaz as their lost tribe, an association that House Tiphaz tries to play down.

Their dress is colourful and their women are often veiled in public. They decorate their clothes with elaborate bead work, embroidery and small gold and silver disks that jingle when they walk.