House Crowston

Crowston coat of arms

The Crowstons are arguably the most serious rivals to the Royal succession. Occasionally members of House Crowston are born with the Royal Magic talent, leading some dissidents to claim that the Crowstons have as much right to rule as the Carwyns.

However, they are a family in decline. For some generations they have struggled to produce male heirs to continue the name.

Although they are counted among the Lords of Reyern, the Crowstons do not rule a principality. They hold lands in the north of Dendra and sided with Prince Raymond de Etian against House Asheon in the war that bought the Asheon to power.

House Crowston’s daughters have traditionally become Priests of Laris and served the Kingdom as healers and keepers of the ceremonies of Kingship.

Their heraldry is a white field with a black crow perched on a rock.