Priests of Laris

When Aelfric first took the throne of Reyern it was with the support of the legendary magician Laris.

Laris is an immortal of tremendous magical power. She is guarded about her origins but it is generally thought that she was born near the Oraclean mountains roughly 2500 years ago. For the last 500 years she has helped to maintain the crown and keep the peace in Reyern.

To help maintain peace she founded an order of magicians. This group of individuals who are sworn to protect the land and preside over all public Royal ceremonies. In practice, they also serve alongside the civil service as registrars of marriage, births and deaths, especially amongst the nobility.

The order renounce all family ties and take oaths of service to Reyern. Those who are particularly dedicated take oaths that bind them further into the service of the land and its people. The most dedicated take the title of ‘Bride of the Land’.

The Temple of Laris, as it has become known, trains healers and counsellors with magical abilities. There are no bars to entry. The Temple will take any magician who is willing to serve.

In recent years rumours have begun to spread that magicians abuse the apprentices in their care. The Towers have come to be regarded with suspicion and even dread by the general populace. The Temple of Laris and Shimmer’s White Tower are the two exceptions to this rule. Whether the Temple will retain its spotless reputation in the wake of the coronation disaster remains to be seen.