Dragons are the enormous flying reptiles of legend. Although a new hatchling is only the size of a labrador puppy, a fully-grown adult can up anything up to 40 feet in length. Like the mer, dragons are functionally immortal. They can be killed, but they do not die of natural causes.

The plane of Fate is guarded by a dragon. Thus, dragons are tied closely to the webs of fate. All dragons have some ability to see and shape their fate and that of others. In addition, every dragon is tied to either fire or water.

A group of dragons is called a flight. A flight is an extended family group, similar to a human tribe.

Of all the races, dragons are the closest to humanity. Over the centuries, a symbiotic relationship has grown up between the two races. Flights will often ally themselves with a human family, offering power and protection in return for human engineering skills. The Jirrinski family are particularly noteworthy in this respect, having been allied with the same flight for 500 years. Tragically all the adult dragons were killed in a recent attack, leaving the House with a clutch of orphans to care for.

Dragons are unique in being the only race that can form a magical bond with humans. This is similar to the pairing bonds created by magicians, though it does not allow the individuals involved to share magic. Instead the dragon and its rider become telepathically linked. A dragon and its rider can never lose each other, and can speak to each other even across the breadth of Reyern. A dragon bond is permanent and cannot be broken by any means known to human magicians.

The emotional connection between dragon and rider is on a par with the bond between magicians in another way. It is not unknown for pairs to become more than friends. When this happens, the dragon has the option to take human form in order to have a physical relationship with their lover. This step is not taken lightly. Once in human form a dragon can never shift back. They become mortal and will age and die alongside the human they love.

The offspring of a dragon and a non-dragon are known as dragon-blooded.

NOTE: For reasons of practicality we will not allow dragons as PCs (a 40 foot dragon cannot come inside a building). PCs can be dragons who have become human or dragon blooded.