The clans of Quercus are considered part of human society, and indeed many of the clanspeople are human. But not all.

Those with transformation magic are born with two forms, human and animal. Most shifters take the form of a predatory mammal. Wolves are common, as are large cats. Other known forms include foxes, raptors, stags and even large snakes.

Far rarer are shifters who take mythic forms. The best known of these are dragons and unicorns. These forms are likely the result of romances between shifters and other magical creatures. There are stories of more unusual forms, but there have not been any confirmed sightings of these for generations.

Those with Transformation do not simply turn into animals. Even in human form they tend to be stronger, faster and more agile than normal humans, depending on their animal form. A fox shifter will be swift and clever, while a hawk shifter will have excellent vision. This does come with downsides. A stag shifter can run fast, but not for long. A falcon shifter tires quickly and must eat regularly to keep up their metabolism.

The tribes of Oracapor are not a united people. While they all recognise the King to a greater or lesser extent it remains to be seen whether they will remain part of Reyern in the aftermath of the Caer Aewyn massacre. If they do it is likely they will unite behind the great bear shifter, Luth. More on him in the humans supplement.

Shifters can express magic in the same way as humans, though their expressions tend to be less powerful.

Shifters regularly breed with humans. Their children may or may not be born with Transformation. There is no noticeable difference between a child who is born to two shifter parents and a child who only inherits Transformation from one side of the family.

The effect of intermingling shifter blood with other magical races is clearer. Children who are part shifter and part dragon or unicorn may be able to take dragon or unicorn form. A pregnancy as a result of a liaison between a shifter and a mer will not carry to full term. The two magics appear to be directly opposed and cannot exist in the same creature.