Ruled by House Asheon

The green and pleasant province of Dendra is the beating heart of Reyern. Much of the land is given over to agriculture and the wines of Dendra are said to be the finest in the world. Thanks to the temperate climate and the gentle geography of the region, life in Dendra is comparatively easy.

The seat of the Lords of Dendra is in Dendra city, on the western border. The family themselves split their time between their estates and the court at Caer Aewyn.

Some say that Dendra’s blessings stem from the fact that the King Stone is located here. This is the traditional location for coronations and other significant royal events. Perhaps for this reason Dendra has been particularly affected by the recent famine. The region’s problems can only have been made worse by the tragic events surrounding the murder of the King.

Look and feel: Versailles

A group of people in seventeenth century court dress.
Image: BBC