Ruled by House Jirrinski

Perched among the foothills of the Oraclean mountains, the north-eastern principality of Oracapor is a desolate region. As well as being the seat of the Lords, Oracapor city is also headquarters of the Royal Armies of Reyern. Whether because of this or because of the freezing climate, Oracapor tends to breed powerful Fire mages.

Civilisation in Oracapor huddles along the roads, with very few settlements more than a day’s journey away from the main routes. In between are windswept plains that are covered in snow for up to half the year.

Despite the prestige of being at headquarters, the frigid climate of Oracapor makes it an unpopular posting.

Look and feel: 17th century Russia

A man and a woman in fur-trimmed clothes.