The south-eastern principality of Quercus is almost entirely covered by forest. Quercus city is the smallest of the major cities. It is primarily built of wood surrounded by woodland. The more sarcastic members of other houses have been heard to say that the local tribes regard their city more as a hunting lodge than a home.

Though more ‘civilised’ families may snipe, very few will pick a fight with the Quercan tribes. Their bloodlines a

re known for shapeshifters, and more than wolves stalk in the forests. It is rumoured that the unicorns have a city somewhere in the mountains to the east of Quercus, but few humans are invited to go there.

Despite the principality’s rough and ready reputation, it is extremely wealthy. The Pass of Hounds is the only reliable way through the Oraclean mountains, so all trade from Tai-U-Gin passes through the region.

Look and feel: Vikings

Quercus people