Ruled by House Corrichi

Nestled between the Sand Sea and the Quercus forests, Verdan is a rich and fertile principality. The northern part of the region is primarily pasture, with good grazing for sheep and cattle. Further south are vineyards, and the white beaches of the southern coast.

In the centre of the principality is a spectacular mage’s tower, rumoured to be the earliest of its type. The tower is surrounded by mystery. For generations, this has been the principal seat of learning for mages specialising in Death and Fate.

Verdan city is arguably the oldest in Reyern. Its marble colonnades are the home of all that is cultured and civilised. Recently, though, travellers who have passed through Verdan bring disturbing reports of strange creatures. It is even said that the dead have been rising from their graves. In an unprecedented move, the Lords of Verdan have appealed to mages from other principalities for help in uncovering the source of this strange magic.

Look and feel: Renaissance Italy

A group of people in Renaissance Italian dress.
Image: Sky