Sanctuary is unique in that it is the only school of magic will take those who express magic at birth. Very young children find it hard to control their magic and understandably this can cause problems and danger to both them and their families. In Sanctuary these children are cared for and shielded until they can learn control.

Sanctuary is situated on a small island on the southern shore of the Great Lake between Larrisant and Caer Aewyn.  A tranquil and sheltered spot it suits the ethos of the school as a place of calm reflection and learning.

Traditionally children raised in sanctuary have their heads shaved until they are 5 years old; it is thought this practice started as a precaution against accidental discharges of Fire magic.

Sanctuary takes children from all over Reyern and is supported in its work by House Hathson; those families who can afford to do so are expected to contribute towards their child’s upkeep and education.

The school specialises in Earth and Water magic and accepts older pupils interested in learning more advanced warding and shielding techniques.

The Director of Sanctuary is chosen from among the staff by The King. Sanctuary takes pupils of all genders although the majority of staff are male. Officers and representatives of Sanctuary on official business wear brown robes edged in white or blue. The badge of Sanctuary which all students and officers (past and present) are entitled to use is two copper-brown crossed keys on a blue field with white edging.