The Eletrios Tower

The white tower in Shimmer is home to House Eletrios and to their renowned school of magic.

The school admits pupils from the age of 5, but in practice most of their pupils are in their early to late teens.

While general and magical education is open to all regardless of the ability to pay, the tower typically only take those with talent and intelligence and most families contribute something towards this education.  The Eletrios will train magicians in any of the eight main streams of magic but they specialise in Air, Water and Source.

On attaining the required standard most Eletrios trained magicians will serve further apprenticeships with established magicians working for the Crown or one the Noble Houses.

A large part of the tower itself is home to a library of works gathered from all over Reyern and beyond.

The reputation of the White Tower is enhanced by the fact that most of its alumni think very highly of their school and are loyal to it; this means that if they are challenged by other magicians or outside threats they can muster a large group of defenders at short notice.

The Chancellor of the school is by tradition a member of House Eletrios usually a member of the ruling branch of the family who is themselves a magician. The school’s professors are highly regarded experts and attaining this rank is prestigious. Some have been granted honorary titles for their service to the Kingdom and style themselves as Lords and Ladies. This is one of the ways in which commoners can rise to positions of power within Reyern. Magic opens many doors.

Officers and Representatives of the Eletrios Tower on official business wear Purple robes edged in white.  The badge of the white tower is a golden scale (balance) on a purple background, edged in white. The badge is worn by graduates and officers of the White Tower and is a recognised and trusted symbol and a source of great pride to those who are allowed to wear it.