The Oracle

There has been an Oracle in the Mountains of the East for as long as history has been recorded by humans. The Oracle offers advice and prophecy to Kings and commoners alike, though those who make the pilgrimage into the mountains do not always get the answers they hope for; fates are rarely set in stone. In practice the Oracle is a neutral power whose visions for good and ill are not influenced by politics or personal gain.

The Oracle is the head of a group of magicians who specialise in prophecy; they are skilled in Death and Fate magic and have visions of the future. The Oracle never marries or has children; they always name their successor before their death having seen it in a powerful vision.

The Magicians who train and live with the Oracle have always been predominantly women but there is no restriction against others seeking tuition. The Oracle will accept anyone that has both Death and Fate magic. It is unusual for young children to have such powerful gifts and when this happens they are often schooled at Sanctuary until around the age of 10. The Oraclean Mountains can be a harsh and unforgiving place in winter and the nearness of death of so many of the magicians that live there means it is considered an unsuitable place for the young.

The Oracle is supported by offerings brought by those who seek prophecy. Those who seek to study under the Oracle are supported by their families or by grants from Noble houses who seek to gain favour with the prophets.

The Magicians who live with the Oracle wear black and are usually covered from neck to ankle and wear gloves. It is said that touching them can trigger their visions and has been known to leave the unwary visibly aged. It is said that a prophet was once attacked by a group of bandits. The only one to escape alive was left withered down one half of his body where the magician had touched him.

Not all magicians with fate and Death magic choose to live or study with the Oracle but most will spend some time there amongst those who can understand their unique connection with Death.

The Prophets have the most direct connection to any plane of magic and claim to be under the protection of Mordreth Lord of Death, who is said to guard that plane. When a prophet has a vision it is usually accompanied by an intense headache, nausea, dizziness and may cause the magician to collapse

The Leaders and representatives of the Oracle wear a badge that shows a black crow on a grey background with a black edge.