The Priests of Laris

Founded by the Magician Laris when the first King was crowned, the Priests of Laris are primarily concerned with supporting the Crown and officiating at Royal ceremonies. They are also an order of magicians in service to Reyern. They take students and apprentices from all over the kingdom and specialise in healing magic.

The school accepts pupils from age 5 but in practice very few young children attend except those born to the Priests.

On entering the school pupils are expected to renounce their family ties and live an aesthetic lifestyle. This involves not drinking to excess,  not taking hallucinogens, not  using magic for personal gain or gratification and refraining from sex except in specific rituals and with their magical partners.

Graduate members of the order take oaths which bind them to the service of the Crown and Reyern. The Priesthood is a prestigious order and higher ranking members serve as advisors to the King. However oath of service and lifestyle required of members do not appeal to everyone and their numbers are limited because of these factors.

It is rumoured that Priests who break their vows are killed, though such stories are always dismissed by their officers and given the general calm peaceful demeanour of their members it seems unlikely to be true.

The Priesthoods main training school is in Caer Aewyn close to the royal Castle. Additional they have a number of houses in various large towns to support members as they travel on Kingdom business and offer healing to the people.

Laris herself is head of their order, however day to day operations are left in the hands of a High Priestess. The order is divided into four sects, each with a different function along with its own internal hierarchy and acolytes.

Priests of the Crown:  Those that serve the King on magical matters. They often act as ambassadors to other races and neighbouring powers.

Priests of the Land:  Those directly involved in royal ceremonies particularly the coronation. They are the least numerous and possibly the most insular part of the order

Priests of Healing:  Those that offer healing and care to the royal household and many of the Nobles. They also offer healing to the people through chapter houses located in most large towns.

Priests of Teaching:  Those who are actively involved in magical instruction, teaching children, acolytes and visiting magicians.

The High Priestess is chosen from amongst the order usually for their power and their connection to the Crown.  The women of House Crowston have traditionally served in the Priesthood and many High Priestess’ have been members of this family.

Whilst the order trains both men and women the Priesthood remains predominantly female.

All Priests of Laris wear white robes. The badge of the Priesthood which is worn by all those who have taken the oaths is a glowing hand, (representing their role as healers) on a white background edged with a colour determined by the priest’s sect.

Priests of the Crown: Gold
Priests of The Land: Green
Priests of Healing: Red
Priests of Teaching: Brown