The Tower of Fire

In Oracapor on the edge of the mountains is a school dedicated to teaching magic with military applications. Despite its name the Tower of Fire is in fact a military encampment.

Magicians wishing to study at the school must apply to the crown for a licence to do so. While there are undoubtedly those who have learnt similar techniques elsewhere, those who wish to use magic in defence of the realm must have a Royal licence to do so. These licences are intended to safeguard against rebellion and civil war, protect civilians and allows for prosecution of those that misuse their magic. What exactly constitutes misuse is for the king to determine and typically extends to anything that could endanger the kingdom.

All those who attend have already had some magical training and tuition is focused on learning specific techniques for working with the Army in combat such as building fortifications.

House Jirrinski is closely associated with the Tower of Fire as they are with most military matters. The commander of the school is appointed by the King and holds the rank of Lord General. They are usually a member of House Jirrinski.

Officers and representatives of the military tower wear red tabards or robes edged in black. It is unusual to see magicians trained in combat wearing formal robes. The badge of the Tower of Fire issued to those who have been granted Royal Licence is a fire ball on a black background edged in red.